Stainless Bolt Industries is a leading distributor and supplier of Stainless Steel (SS) 304 Washers, Stainless Steel (SS) 316 Plain Washers, and Stainless Steel (SS) 304 Washers, which are the most widely used and adaptable of all stainless steel family goods. In India, we offer a complete line of 304 Stainless Steel Flat Plain Washers,SS 304 Plain Washers, SS 304 Spring Washers, SS 316 Plain Washer, SS 316 SPRING WASHER, and SS 304 Conical Spring Washers.

SS 304 Plain & Spring Washers are commonly used in food processing machines, particularly in the production of milk, wine, and beer. Due to its greater chromium concentration and lower carbon content, Stainless Steel – SS 304 Spherical Plain Washers are a variation of 18/8. The main non-iron components of stainless steel 304 hex lock washers are nickel and chrome metals.

We specialise in 304 Stainless Steel Plain/Spring Washer, particularly the SS 304 Spring Washer and SS 316 Spring Washer, which are well-known for their high workability and corrosion resistance. Spring or simple flat washers made of stainless steel, also known as ring washers, are frequently used to distribute the load of a screwed fastening. In addition, instead of the nut, this SS 304 plain washer can be utilised in instances where the hole has a big diameter. Serrations on Internal External Spring 304 star washers extend radially inwards or outwards. The star washer is more effective when the substrate is soft, such as aluminium or plastic. It performs better as a lock washer on hard surfaces than regular 304 stainless washers because of its ability to resist rotation.

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